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Recommended Products

These are products that I refer to that might be good for you.  I use all of these myself!  All of the following links go to Amazon and are affiliate links. That means that everytime you order through this site, I will get a percentage of the purchase with no extra cost to you! 

lacrosse ball.jpg

Lacrosse Ball

I use a locrosse ball often!  This is great for trigger points and the soften tight tissue.  

TENS unit.jpg


I have used this TENS unit for years!  It is cost effective and has held up to years of use!  


Therapy Hook

This trigger point tool is amazing and can get very specific into an area of tightness. 



Replacement Electrodes for your TENS unit

posture pump.jpg

Posture Pump

  • Home Cervical Neck Traction — Relieve painful neck stiffness & get effective cervical decompression from the comfort of home with our single neck air cell Disc Hydrator Posture Pump

comfort cream.jpg

Muscle Comfort Cream

  • Ideal for deep tissue work and easing muscle tension, this rich cream is formulated to energize the body and mind. Infused with the healing elements of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Clove, Arnica and Ginger for a rejuvenating treatment.

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