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My name is April and I’ve been coming to Josh for 12 years! He is evil & sadistic but in the very best ways possible. I’ve had several aliments over the years (hip, forearm, feet, calves, back, shoulders, neck), you name it and he’s fixed it.  Josh is a professional through and through, and even though it usually pains me to see him, literally, I’m always in better shape after he’s worked his magic.  I am grateful for Josh’s knowledge and insight into helping get my body back in working order, whether it be for CrossFit, teaching fitness classes or getting ready to hunt. He knows what to do, and does it with a huge smile on his face.  I can’t say enough about how good this man is at his profession. Thank you for putting me back together time and time again.  ​ -- April T

I was referred to Josh  after suffering years of chronic pain, and he has changed my life. With decades of experience, Josh is passionate about healing, educating and empowering his clients. He freely shares his knowledge and resources to inspire comprehensive wellness. Recovery goes far beyond the treatment room, with supportive encouragement towards lifestyle change and healthy habits. And, Josh’s magnetic personality and great sense of humor are an added bonus! I would highly recommend him to anyone. ​ -- Ginger C


I have been going to Josh as long as he's been in business - 25+ years?  I go every month, religiously, and over the years have experienced a "wellness" in my body that far surpasses anything I can even describe.  Josh can  tell when my body needs certain ways to massage it, to make it loosen up.  When I've gone in with a specific issue, he knows just how to address it and always gets it worked out.  Josh has kept me out of Dr.s offices over the years, which in turn keeps me away from the tests and therapies that they all want to do.  When he addresses the issue specifically, it goes away in a matter of days or weeks.  He knows precisely what to do to treat it.  And Josh is alot of fun to be around.  I always look forward to spending my hour with him, to visit about what's going on in my life and hear what's going on in his.  He takes a true and sincere interest in me, all around.  He's a guru in physical health and has a true healing touch that far surpasses any other treatment, or advice I could get any where else.    --Lisa B

Josh has been helping me for almost 20 years! I have a herniated disc and 2 disc bulges in my lower back and another in my neck.  At one point I was unable to move, had to get an ambulance to the ER and a big dose of morphine just to be able get out of a bed.  Josh's care helped me out of that crisis and into a healthy back and away from surgery. I've been pain free for 16 years!  Josh has helped me with massage, exercises, stretches, laughter and mindset.  He is passionate about helping and educating people with any pain, especially chronic.  I now live in a different part of Colorado and when I need a massage, I will gladly drive to see him. ​ -- Rebecca F. 

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